Speed Dating Events For All Ages

Speed Dating
Columbus Singles Special Dating Programs: Speed Dating

We give our members an experience filled with fun and success. How do we do it? We understand your goal of finding a compatible partner and we don’t host the same events over and over again, we are creative and want you to have an adventure.

Unlike other dating companies, we keep it fresh. We offer local dating events several times each year; this includes our speed dating and travel events.

Columbus Singles Speed Dating: Charming and Successful!

Columbus Singles hosts events all year round, but we also host events that are different. We don’t want you be stuck in a room with hundreds of people, no! We don’t want speed dating to become an aerobics session, we want our members to have the time to understand each other and have a great time while doing so.

Real Columbus Singles works in a different way; we treat all of our members with care and attention. Our events are organized so that you can have fun

  • We have a lively environment which is romantic and relaxing
  • You will only meet 6 people in a given hour, we don’t want to rush you
  • Each partner is chosen according to individual preferences and age-appropriate compatibility
  • Our events are professionally hosted, our hosts are helpful and pay attention to you
  • We also serve drinks and appetizers.

Speed DatingFocus on finding your romantic spark with our fun events and adventures dating trips. Let us take care of all the details. Our job is scheduling travel arrangements, coordinating events, and making sure you are well taken care of.

Speed dating and our travel getaways are just two of the exclusive benefits we offer our members. Take advantage by submitting your application today!

In the end, you have everything you need to make a romantic connection and find your better self…not to mention having fun.