Membership Benefits

Members Benefit - Columbus SinglesReal Columbus Singles is a full dating service; we are not an online dating site. We have a simple goal to give you the best dating experience possible. We make your dating experience entertaining, convenient and effective by helping you to meet with people who are just like you – looking for meaningful relationships. We help you find locals who live and work in your area, the perfect match with whom you can grow old. We make sure that your time is well spent; we will lower down your stress because we understand the encumbrances of today’s busy age.

We also want you to have a fabulous profile! Sometimes it is difficult to talk about yourself, we will help you create an amazing eye-catching profile. You get to choose four pictures from the personal photo session with us. Additionally you will have the confidence that the person your meeting has recent pictures on his/her profile.

Next, you can conveniently search for matches from your smart phone or from your home or office. You will also have a personal matchmaker who will assist you at any time; you can call, email or meet in person at our Columbus Singles Center. We also give recommendations and notify other members that you are interested in them. We are an eventful group of people; we host a lot of events where you can meet our members in a comfortable environment.

Membership Benefits - Columbus SinglesReal Columbus Singles is combination of everything that most online sites offer; we cover every niche and give our members a complete Dating solution. We don’t let our members text and email, we encourage them to date and while online daters text, our members enjoy themselves on a date. We like to get involved and assist our members at every step, we want you to take the first step, and we keep notifying you about matches that may suit you. Don’t procrastinate, call us today and find out what we have to offer!

(I wonder why I used online dating platforms when I could have joined Real Columbus Singles, I did and now I am with someone who makes me feel great. Robert)