Local Dating Near You

Being Single in Columbus

According to statistics, relationships that are based locally have greater success rates than long-distance relationships. That’s why it certainly not a bad idea to investigate what a local-centric dating and matchmaking service has to offer. Columbus is a great city in which to meet that someone special. With so many fun activities and romantic possibilities,[…]

Spring Fever

How to Have the Absolute Perfect Spring this Year!

What exactly is spring fever? Is there really such a thing? Of course there is, and it has a pretty real foundation. The days are getting longer and sunnier. The temps are slowly escalating toward their summer promise land, and our bodies are responding in kind. The neurotransmitters in the brain along with the body’s[…]

Meet Singles In Dallas

Finding Love in your Forties

Dear Eloisa: After 18 years of marriage, I am now a divorcee. The word itself even scares me. I barely remember dating, much less what intimacy with a man other than my husband is like. I want to get back out there, but don’t most men generally shy from the phrase “single mom”? And what[…]

Speed Dating For Mature Singles

A Single person’s guide to winning the Speed Dating race here in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus Area Singles: Start Your Engines! When you’ve grown out of the days when you would be out and about all day, constantly going places and meeting new people, it can be difficult to find a romantic partner in the “organic”[…]

American Express Member Favorite 2016

American Express Card Members have spoken with their wallets, and their actions speak louder than words. Our Card Members choose you again and again, and we want to join them in recognizing your business. In addition to displaying the decal, use free Member Favorite marketing tools to help spread the word. Because when people know[…]

Remember growing up watching The Love Boat?

Most of us ’40+ singles’ spent many Saturday nights at home during our childhood, or (for the severely (un)lucky number of us) teens or even twenties, watching The Love Boat at 9 pm! It’s likely that all of us now have different recollections about what the show actually meant to us back then. For this[…]