Finding Love in your Forties

Meet Singles In DallasDear Eloisa: After 18 years of marriage, I am now a divorcee. The word itself even scares me. I barely remember dating, much less what intimacy with a man other than my husband is like. I want to get back out there, but don’t most men generally shy from the phrase “single mom”? And what about my kids? How do I ease them into this new, admittedly uncomfortable phase? I feel lost right now. I want companionship but I don’t want to hurt my kids, nor do I want to make a fool of myself on the dating market. I just want some advice on how to start; where do I go to meet eligible single men in the Columbus, OH area, and what do I tell my two daughters?

Jen – Columbus, OH

Dear Jen: Certainly re-entering the dating world after nearly two decades of marriage can be challenging. You need to know though that you’re not alone. There are thousands of single men and women out there; and yes, many are people who have gotten divorced after years of marriage. Starting again when you’re in your forties or fifties can be daunting. And especially with kids in tow, going out with a new partner—in your case someone who isn’t their dad—is definitely a nerve wracking prospect. Here’s the secret…you have to accept that life is all about change, and this includes a marriage that you thought would last forever, and a new adventure into the world of dating that you never expected.

Your daughters will be fine, as long as you are–trust that. You are in one of the greatest cities in the country as far as meeting like-minded singles eager to embrace the chance at new love, and an exciting romance. Columbus offers great night life, fine dining, as well as art and culture galore. Meeting that special someone to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of the Columbus region should not be scary, it should be the start of a new, truly amazing part of your life. Andif you just so happen to find that right person, your children will get to see you experience happiness again. This is a good thing!

So how do you find that local man who is sensitive to where you are in your life and what you need from dating and ultimately from love…One great way is Columbus Singles. Online sites are okay, but you can never really be sure who the actual person behind the random picture is. Columbus Singles does it differently. Online and offline, they provide a safe and extremely fun way to meet that someone special. Give it a try…you’ll remember what romance was like.

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